Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Bush Budget

Thought you might want to know what the proposed budget would constitute:

• Making permanent the tax cuts of 2001 - 70% of which benefited the wealthiest 20% of U.S. citizens
• The elimination of block grants that aid poor communities
• Making it more difficult for working poor families with children to be on Medicaid
• A $355 million cut to programs that promote safe and drug-free schools
• Cuts to housing and urban development programs
• The elimination of 48 educational programs

If this causes a turn in your stomach, you might want to take what action you can. Go here.


Ben.. said...

you crack me up ryan


Courtney O. said...

You make good points, Ryan. It's so sad when the poor are sold out so the rich can have their tax cuts. But seriously, did you expect anything else from this administration? Time and time again, we see examples of our government favoring big business and the rich over common man, the environment and healthcare. One month down, 47 to go...God help us.

ordinary_nobody_dreamer said...

Hey Ryan,

I am curious, where did you get your information regarding the proposed budget? I would like to take a look for myself.