Friday, April 13, 2007

6 days for 6 years

Well, Holly just finished up our anniversary celebration. We've been married 6 years, so I thought it'd be fun to spend 6 days highlighting our favorite things of these 6 years: Travel, Wine Tasting, Concerts, Flowers, Good Food, Hiking. It was fun.

Last Saturday (the 7th...which is our actual anniversary), we headed to Angel Island and hiked for most of the day. It was foggy, but beautiful all the same. We brought some Trader Joe's Curry Naan and Indian Relish for lunch...mmm. Then after taking the ferry back to Tiburon, we got cappuccinos and sat in the sun. Beautiful, it reminded us of Europe last year. When we got home, there were fresias (Holly's favorite flower) in our living room. She loved it. Then Trav came over to watch Pax, while Holly and I walked 2 blocks to the new restaurant in town, Piqueo's...a Peruvian Tapas Restaurant. Some yummy treats for our palette. And then yummy Sangria to wash it all down.

Sunday was Pax's 6-month birthday. It was also Easter. We hiked Bernal Hill with some friends for a sunrise service. Then we headed south to Santa Cruz for the day.

On Monday, we took off from our place to head down to Paso Robles to meet some friends for lunch and then do some wine tasting. Quite honestly, the wine this Monday was a bummer...thin, flat wines. We should have known: They were both corporate, 30k-cases-a-year wineries. C'est la vie! That afternoon, we headed to Cambria (where our hotel was) and got checked in and then grabbed dinner.

Pax and I went for a walk on Tuesday, leaving Holly to take a 2-hour nap. Mmm. Then we went wine tasting again in Templeton Gap, where we met a guy who has a 3-acre spot of Zin. Mmm. Great wine, but he was obviously "busy" with racking the wine back into the barrels. It again inspired us to own a small winery some day. The attention that you can give to 3 acres makes a much better wine. We had a nice dinner and Pax slept fairly well this night.

On Wednesday, we grabbed breakfast and then left Cambria to head up the coast on Hwy. 1. Beautiful. Just beautiful. No matter how many times I do that drive, it's just beautiful everytime. Stopped in Big Sur for a short hike, then in Carmel for a quick bit to eat, and then up to Santa Cruz, where the in-laws watched Pax while Holly and I got caught up on some work. We joined them for dinner and then headed home.

Thursday was a "typical" work day, but that night, Trav watched a sleeping Pax and let us go to the Amiinna concert. It was fascinating and moving. This was the first real concert we've been to since having Pax.

All in all, a good 6 days.


Topherspoon said...

Great stuff Ryan! I was down at the strand on the Thursday before Easter, thinking about you and Holly. Believe it or not I was in Morro Bay on Tuesday (just on the other side of the the rock from Cambria). Still hope to one day have lunch and hear your story, more interested now to hear what you're doing in the bay then what happened in oceanside. Glad to follow your blog(s) I think I'm unintentionally stalking you... I'm heading to Washington next Tuesday. Blessings and Peace from the guy who left the smiling rock. BTW Happy Anniversary and please tell Pax happy birthday.

s.o said...

Happy Anniversary guys!
It's great that you got to see amina - what a treat. goes right with everything else you took in as well.