Thursday, April 05, 2007

Cat Shite

Walked out this morning to this...

...on the doormat. I think it is the local cat's protest of our newly tilled garden. For those of you who don't know, it's been a constant battle to keep these cats from defecating in our yard. That's part of the reason that we let the weeds go on and reclaimed the space from the cats.

I'm inclined to live quite inconsistently and not consider cats my neighbors (because then I would not be commanded to love them). Left to my own devices, I'd shoot every one of them that trampled across my lawn. But I have a strong desire to attempt to live with a consistent view of life and violence. [deep breath] I'll just clean the shite off the mat and carry on.


some chick said...

put it in a paper bag on the owner's doorstep with a really sweet note - that should get your message across.

s.o said...

this post got me thinking ...
some blog posts need pictures attached - other's don't. Ya know?! :)
-shaun o

SB said...

Nice use of depth-of-field; it accentuates the dramatic impact of your photojournalism.

Have you considered adopting a dog?

Rhianon and Heath said...

I have had the same tension dealing with out neighborhood cat. It seems to like me... all things I am allergic seem to not be able to get enough of me.

Anyway, our neighborhood cat has scary white eyes, we don't know if it is blind or not, but it sleeps under only my car now, and has taken a liking to my doormats, garden and front porch.

I have been wondering should I be really mean to it and hopefully scare it away, but I don't want it leaving me treats like yours does, or torturing me in other ways. Many days, I wish I could just "accidentally" run it over.

Then, I oddly feel sorry for it... what is that all about? ... I have always hated cats. I still despise it I just feel so guilty now.

Well, let us know if you come up with some resolution. For now, it doesn't seem as annoying as our wild roosters that get into our garden, lay eggs everywhere and screech before the day should begin. Heath likes to throw rocks at them, scare them and make them fly into the jungle.

love our little neighbors, huh?

Lora said...

it's hard to love something which relieves itself on one's welcome mat. i can't seem to get email to work here at this fine establishment--can read some of them, reply to none, and now can only access blogger in french as the wifi company for the hotel is a french company...will it let me sign in in "anglaise"? if you are reading this the answer is "oui". i wish i could to each.