Friday, November 12, 2004

American Empire

A song I wrote several months ago as I came to understand how much consumerism kills. "Came to understand" should probably read, "Am still coming to understand".

An old audio clip here if you wanna sing along.

American Empire by Ryan Lee Sharp

Well you take me out and your drag me around
And I'd do anything 'cause all I found in you... in you
Still you broke my heart with my soul laid bare
But you didn't know, didn't care now did ya?... even care

So I followed you
Because you promised me
More than I ever really wanted yah

Well God damn this American Empire
Can't blame this American Empire
Seems Still I overpaid to be sure I know it
But even still
All these needs and wants and toys and taunts
They follow me everywhere... everywhere

Still I followed you
Because you promised me
More than I ever really wanted and now

I wanna get my money back
I wanna get my life off track
I wanna find my one true friend
If I could just begin again
And I wanna find my way back home
I wanna find I'm not alone
I'm not alone... not alone

Well the money's in the plate
And your life's in my hands
And you wonder if I'd even understand your situation
In this Great Nation
Where the sick heal the sick
And us blind lead the blind
Maybe together we can find what we're lookin' for
What was it we were lookin' for?

So don't follow me
Cause I'd promise you
Nothin' more than what you need

You'd wanna get your money back
You'd wanna get your life off track
You'd wanna find your one true friend
If you could just begin again
And you'd wanna find your way back home
You'd wanna find you're not alone
Friend, you're not alone
Not alone

Hopin' I find my way back to you
Hopin' one day we'll see this through
Hopin' they read me between the lines
'Til then I say I'm fine

And so we don't get our money back
Let's get our lives off this track
Maybe you're my one true friend
Here we go, let's begin again
And maybe we'll find our way back home
Now that we know we're not alone
Not alone

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jda said...

what a beautiful, beautiful piece of art - simply amazing my friend
so much truth

Anonymous said...

Jasen, I'll show you art... Miss Interpretation... hahaha. Just kidding. Love the song Ryan (read communist) ;)

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

I am a Liberatarian-Socialist! Get it straight man! ;>)