Monday, November 29, 2004

Bumper Stickers Ethics

As I was taking Holly to work this morning, I sat behind a huge Ford F-350 for a mile or so and got to read it's bumper stickers... of which there were many.

Three caught me off-guard though:

The first was the word "ISLAM" with a red circle around it and a line cut diagonally through it, insinuating "no more Islam". The second was a huge American flag. The third was a "United We Stand" sticker.

And I thought, "No, we do not stand united. I do not seek to eradicate Islam as you seem to. No, I will not stand with you under some nationalistic banner that allows you to think this way. No, I do not agree to be a good citizen of this nation I must hate Muslims. You, sir, are wrong. We do not stand united."