Tuesday, November 30, 2004

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Ben.. said...

no...not really.

but if you do want to check out a good song get the free download single of the week from the iTunes music store.

its from Anna Nalick and its called Breathe (2am) and its very good.


Danae said...

i do, bro. and why did your voice sound weird? like alvin from the chipmunks. or maybe it was more like simon. theodore??

frank said...

I checked your audioblog post, Ryan ... I happened upon your site and listened to the mp3 that's on your "about" page, then naturally I had to know if the audioblog post was another song, or what. Great song by the way. I guess that's you?

So, what did you use to record the audio for your blog post? I recently got an iPod and bought the little recording attachment expecting (like an idiot) to get really cool recordings of the ocean, birds, traffic, that kind of stuff. The quality isn't nearly good enough for all that. But it will work OK for audioblog posts and interviews and stuff.

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