Wednesday, May 11, 2005

On Prisons

Thanks to Will for his latest post. I think it might be worth your time if you are interested in hearing some troubling information about US prison stats/systems/etc. Great quote below in reference to how the Gospel and the US interact.

There are many who believe that the message of Christ is designed to make them and their children safe. I am not sure where someone would get that understanding from, but I do tend to wonder about someone whose theology is based on safety, comfort or contentment. I find little in the message of Christ that causes me to believe that I will not have to be involved with 'them', whoever you tend to define 'them' as.


Larry Clayton said...

I'm not a conservative Christian, but I'm foursquare re prisons: "I was in prison and you visited me (or not)".

The parable of the Last Judgment describes as well as it can be done, what a Christian is.

Eric Wakeling said...

Ryan, I'm actually in the middle of the training and screening process for working in the O.C. Juvenile Hall as a volunteer. My job will be to meet with a kid once a week for an hour. That's it. It should be cool. The training and screening is a really long, tough process. It should be. I just want to share my story with a kid and have him share his with me. Where does Christ fit into our stories? We'll see.

Also, I went to the Biola Emerging Church conference today. Some cool parts, some major bummers. It's a step forward though I think - at least for my church.