Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Reflect on this
Blinker on
Vicky's screaming in my ear
Hard Left Turn
I tried
I'm tired

Breath in for a full 5 seconds
Seems like forever
Forever since I breathed in deep
Chaos following me on this road of
Fall leaves
The death for life exchange

Rich, crisp air
I have little time to breathe you in
I'm sure you understand

40 psi
Tires are looking low still
Cold air burdens them
Along with earthly belongings
Packed like sardines
Too many CDs left after a month of driving
I wanted to lighten the load faster

So I drive faster
Get there sooner
Exit #4
Some bad coffee and a donut
Friends don't let friends drink Starbucks
On a bumper sticker

Affirm me
Tell me this is the good life
Buy me some validation

A break
Clouds part
Rain ceases
Hope that it begins elsewhere
Calls made
Strings plucked
Images scatter

The quiet
The screams
The tense muscles
The care being giv'n

And Vicky says
When possible, make a legal U-turn

Should I've?

Day 32: to DC

Happy Halloween. We're off to DC. We'll hope to get some pics up, catch up on emails and generally rest.

We got a good night's sleep last night in Camden. Paxton has reset himself a bit. Ah...sanctuary.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 31: to Camden, New Jersey (by way of the Catskills and Philly)

We left the freezing air this morning to head to more moderate climates. When we woke it was almost freezing in Albany and when we arrived into Philly, it was nearly 70. Nice.

The foliage along the way was beautiful. Still peak season in some areas.

We're staying with Chris and Cassie this evening. Also visiting cousins this afternoon.

A wild turkey was crossing the freeway and nearly caused us to end up in the median. My deft driving skills pulled us out of a pinch again.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Day 30: Albany, NY (via the Adirondaks)

The drive today was beautiful. What could have been a quick 2-hour journey on NY's fancy-schmancy toll road was derailed for something more inspired. We took some windy mountain highways up toward the foothills. It was lovely. Got down to 34 degrees outside...but it felt nice.

A wild turkey was crossing the road and we had to dodge it. It spooked us all.

We made it into Albany, got some food downtown (according to our Healthy Highways book), and then headed to the Martinez home.

We just wrapped up the night. It was fun, but man, are we tired. This kid just won't sleep well. Please sleep well tonight. Time to go.

Tomorrow to Camden to see Chris and Cassie and then onto

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 29: Syracuse, NY

We made it back into the States. We laughed at how easy it was to get "back in"...we were anticipating an interrogation room with harsh lighting.

"Where were you when your supposed son was born?" a shadowy man would ask.

It was a fun drive across the falls. It was beautiful, cold, and wonderful. Pax loved seeing the rushing water.

We got on the road late this morning and headed into Syracuse. Arrived around lunchtime, so we got some Northern Mexican food. It was actually quite yummy. Took naps (since Pax didn't sleep too well last night).

Tonight we played at Syracuse University. It was a warm group to be with on this chilly night. Word on the street is that we might have snow tonight. It was in the 30s for part of our drive today. Now Pax is asleep and we're getting ready for dinner with Jennifer and Harrison (and Chase).

Photos and laundry someday soon.

Niagara Falls

We're about to take off and head to Niagara Falls. I've never been least I don't think I have.

My throat is sore. Pax slept poorly. Here's hoping that things look up...and that we pass immigration and return to the States A-Okay.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Maday! Mayday! We cannot view The Office in Canada! End the embargo!

Day 28: Canada, ey

We're in St. Catharine, on the shore of Lake Ontario. It was an interesting entrance into Canada earlier today. We had to step inside of immigration to prove that Paxton actually belonged to us. We had no paperwork (like a birth certificate or passport), so we had to do a song and dance to help them see he is my son. That was troubling...but we passed.

We've arrived at our destination for the night...on our way between Ann Arbor, Michigan and Syracuse, New York. It was a lovely drive...for the most part.

We thought we'd treat ourselves to a steak dinner (I'm about to leave to pick it up), a bottle of Sierra-made Zinfandel wine, and the latest episode of The Office. It should be a nice, quiet evening.

Holly and I both have a throat thing going on. I guess you just pick these things up while on the road.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Day 27: to Ann Arbor

Today we head about 20 minutes west to Ann Arbor...possibly my favorite city in the state of Michigan (sorry, Randy). We'll get there in time to have lunch with Wendy and spend the day in town. Tonight we play at Wendy's recently-opened new coffee shop. Very excited.

Last night was an intimate evening with friends old-ish and new-ish. Schyler (pronounced Skyler) and Maggie showed up with some friends in tow. It was the 4 of them plus our hosts...and us. I have a hunch that the clear day caused people to flake. You see, in San Diego, if it rained, people would flake. Perhaps in Detroit, if it's a nice day people flake? I dunno. C'est la vie. It made for a warm, unplugged sort of night.

It is so fascinating to me how many of us know each other. Within a few minutes, we can partake of some sort of common memory, shared experience, or at least a familiar name. There's a comfort in that.

I had a conversation with a new friend (Doug) the other night about all the emerging / neo-monastic / whatnot communities across the US. He wondered aloud if there was not some sort of catalogue that described each one or whatever. I couldn't think of one. But it did get me thinking that, with all the travel we're hoping to do, it might be fun to sort of do some interviews and whatnot along the way. Then perhaps we can all take a look at what is unifying (and defining uniquely) each of these communities.

Would that be helpful to you? Would it be interesting to hear their stories? Their early formative process? The books that shaped them? Curious.

Oh, here are a couple shots that people have sent me...

This is from Solomon's Porch. Thanks to Douglas.

And this is one from the other night in Columbus. Thanks to Brandon.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Day 26: to Detriot

We're headed north today...up to Michigan. The morning was brisk and dry. Thank you, God. It was a beautiful drive thus far. We have stopped for a moment or two in Bowling Green, Ohio for some lunch and a little stretch time for all 3 of us.

Tonight we're just outside of Detroit and tomorrow we're in Ann Arbor. Really looking forward to these shows.

Drive time has been much better lately. Shorter drives, longer naps for Pax. It's all better. And it's allowed me some time to think and dream about the years ahead. It's been a very good thing.

Much love and thanks to all of you who petitioned for a better Pax. Holly just reported our treatment for his ear infection here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Day 25: Kentucky to Ohio (Columbus, that is)

We packed up the car (again, in the rain) and left for Columbus to meet friends of friends. Jason and Brooke Evans set up this connection for, of course, it was enchanted.

We arrived into town and headed for a hidden café downtown called the Benevolence Café. Pax tried his first "kid's plate" that we have ever bought him. That is, this is the first time we have bought him something off a menu at a restaurant. Non-chicken sticks. They were breaded tofu. He also loved Holly's minestrone soup and all the homemade breads.

We played a house show along with Blake Skidmore. We also learned a great deal about the Landing Place community (of which we were a part of tonight).

It was a meaningful night of conversation and connection for a great many of us.

Also, Paula Boehm drove a whopping 2 hours so that we could catch up and see each other face to face. That was really cool.

We pray and hope that this rain will head southwest to Southern California and southeast to North Carolina.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Day 24: Louisville to Berea to Lexington

Holly's napping. So is Pax. You'd know that this is good news if you read this. It's been a hard few days. We've just been "off". Perhaps it's the rain that won't seem to let up long enough. Perhaps Pax has an ear infection. Perhaps 3 weeks in the car is beginning to catch up. Who knows?

It was fun to be at Daniel's house last night and meet his Louisville friends. We discovered a yummy wine called Cono Sur. It's a Chilean Cab-Carmenere blend. Wow. A great $10 wine!

The show had nice energy. It was the last show on this tour with Adam and Daniel. That was a bummer. But it also feels like we're re-launching the tour a bit now. We take off tomorrow for our Ohio-Michigan-New York part of the trip. Should be fun. We'll be in places we've never played before and that's always exciting.

We made a jaunt down to Berea this morning. Got to play some handmade dulcimers, banjos and guitars...and we got to see some beautiful leaves on the ground. Lunch @ the Main Street Café was eh. C'est la vie. We're hoping to meet up with the Kenneys late this afternoon and then hopefully get some time in with the Samsons before getting to bed early. The Samson's continue to be great hosts. We're lucky to have friends like these scattered around.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Day 23: Louisville (pronounced Loo-uh-vull), KY

It poured rain on us for most of the afternoon. Beautiful green hills made greener.

After driving for 3 hours, searching for 4 Washington Mutuals, we finally gave up and arrived into Louisville from Lexington (what should have been about an hour drive).

We now sit in a hip coffee shop in the neighborhood near Dan's house. Dan rents a house about three times the size of our old one...for about 1/6 the rent. Wow.

Some photos from the last several performances...

Dan has joined us for the last 3 shows...and the songs have felt more alive and full. He's also played a couple songs from his newest record, MY WORK IS LOVING THE WORLD.

Adam continues to woo audiences across the world with his provocative poetry.

We played a few times in Minneapolis. This shot (and the one below) are from a room where the projector was far enough back that it covered the whole wall and ceiling. Pretty amazing visually.

Most everything continues to move well. Pax has been in a sort of sour mood for about 4-5 days now. I don't know if it's the road or teething or what. Doesn't seem to matter if we're in the car or not...he's just that way sometimes...even when we were back home.

We continue to be grateful for the connections we make along the way, the friendships we get to nourish (little by little), and a trip that few will get to experience.

We wonder aloud about doing another full year on the road at some point...probably when he's a bit older. Travel full time at a much less rapid pace...perhaps even get a small RV again. We'll see.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Day 22: Communality in Lexington

Today was a day of rest, community and summer breezes. And now, we're enjoying some wine after the show.


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Day 21: Indianapolis to Lexington, KY (via Louisville for lunch)

We made it to Lexington.

[Big sigh.]

We're all so beat. Bad sleep and whatnot. Tonight we are just going to watch the latest Office and drop dead on our beds. We're here for a few days in KY.

Man, I have seen some crazy billboards these last few days. The truth is stranger than fiction.

HEAVEN // HELL // You decide.



Wow. Yes, those are real and not embellished at all. Wow.

Last night was fun in Indy. Sarah and Ryan Notton (as well as several other locals) showed us a good time around town, hosted us for (what I felt was) our best performance yet. There was a tightness to the evening...a good tight. We we're all "on". Stayed up a little too late and woke a little too early.

This morning, Joel Vestal (Emma, can you believe that we finally met in person?) cooked us breakfast and we chatted. It was nice to meet after having chatted over the phone and internet for 3 or so years.

There is a great underground network of subversives...people living off-the-grid so to speak...but doing life engaged with the world. Much inspiration along the way.

Holly posted some great pics of Pax from Minneapolis (link here). I'll plan on getting some other pics/videos up soon here. Stay tuned.

For now, The Office, dinner, and sleep. Night, night.

Bush on Zombies

I have my bro-in-law to thank for this link.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Day 20: To Indy

Oh my God. That might have been the worst night of sleep this whole trip. Our air mattress pump is dead, so we slept on the floor...or at least laid there. Pax hardly slept. We are fried and at a coffee shop early...too early. Oh my God.

On a happier note, last night was really fun. Daniel Dixon joined us (and stays joined to us for a couple more days) and Adam is still with us (also for a few more days). So that made it special. And there was just a good energy.

I'll get some photos up sometime soon...soon we'll leave this coffee shop, pack the car, and head on south (around Chicago) to Indianapolis.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Day 19: Leaving Minneapolis for Milwaukee

Man, oh man. What a beautiful drive. From St. Paul almost all the way to Lake Michigan, we experienced the fall colors we had been looking for. Deep, rich maroons. Vibrant golds. Translucent greens. Dark trunks with glowing leaves. The muted sky made for great contrast.

The drive was fine. Adam chilled with Pax in the backseat...and for the most part, it all went well. He did cry (Pax, not Adam) for about 20 minutes after lunch. Correction: He screamed for 20 minutes. It was really loud...really.

But other than that it was great. We stopped by the Wisconsin Dells along the way (as recommended by Healthy Highways) to check out the Cheese Factory (or something that) where we had wonderful food. All local and yummified. Paxton even tried some of my beer-cheese soup. He loved it.

Yesterday, Shelley took us to a great Indian place in Minneapolis and he tried some curry there. He loved/hated it. He kept asking for more and more, but every time he was surprised how hot it was and let out a yelp. Funny little man.

Tonight we play for some folks in Milwaukee. Should be fun.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 18: Minneapolis

We're still here...and it's still wonderful outside. It stopped raining for a bit, but it's still cool outside.

This morning Holly and I and Pax had coffee with Marcus and Abby and Selah. It was good to see them. Then I went to vacuum the car. Man, there were oat-ios and puffed corn and rice cakes and banana chips smashed into the ground and littering the seats. It was nice to get the car cleaned a bit.

We play a show tonight and then take off tomorrow morning to Milwaukee with Adam. There is such little space that it will be interesting [read: challenging] to get all the bags to fit. It will happen though. It will.

I am grateful for fall and friends...this has been a wonderful few days.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Reflections on the Gathering

It was a lovely year in northern New Mexico. Holly and I were part of the planning team this year (which was both wonderful and challenging), so we arrived Monday early afternoon (just after we had dropped off her laptop to Apple for another hard drive). Slowly other planning team folks trickled in: the Bronsinks, Laci, the Buists in their hot Ford Mustang, the Toys, the Stavlunds, the Hartmans, the ReImagine crew, Damien, Daley, and a few others. It was a wonderful reunion.

Troy helped me pack my pipe for the first time. We smoked it together outside on the porch swing while Pax napped inside. He told me of his experiences this last year with church and family and vocation.

It is for this reason that we go each year: to catch up and commiserate and hope with each other.

We were trying some new things this year. We thought we'd try to act a little more organized, helping integrate new folks into the flow of things. There were schedules printed, a meeting room decorated, meals planned, etc. This was all new to me. In years past, it seemed like things "just happened" but certainly there were always people at work behind the scenes.

I participated in a few discussions: Creativity as Incarnation, Transformation and Artifact with Holly and Troy and a discussion with Adam about Wilbur's Spiral.

The first of those discussions was really great (the second was also a good experience / discussion). Our group of 30 was quite diverse, considering who was in attendance at this Gathering. Church folks, artists, pastors, musicians, off-the-grid hippies and some pragmatists.

We talked for a bit about the role of art in our world and our faith communities. Troy offered a few approaches to understanding their relationship: The people of God as art, The work of the people of God as art, The people of God as curators of the world's art, The work of the people of God as cultural / missional artifact.

By "people of God" I don't necessarily mean "Christians" or "religious folks" but something like "people seeking to live in the way of God, knowing or unknowing".

We talked about the relationship that artists have with the community from which they are a part of. No art happens in vacuums, so how does the artist tell the future and speak her truth while staying connected to the greater community. Another way to ask it is In a world where we move beyond naive notions of autonomy, how does the artist act responsibly to the greater community? This whole conversation started over the worship music debate of whether or not people should write original worship songs or play the songs that the community likes. It was lively.

Holly talked of the creative process as prayer and how this last series has been transformative. The creation of the artifact was transformative for her...and the displaying of the pieces in our home was (at least hopefully) transformative for others.

I am reminded of the Rilke quote I shared:

You must give birth to your images. They are the future waiting to be born. Fear not the strangeness that you feel. The future must enter you long before it happens. Just wait for the hour, the birth of new clarity.

- Ranier Maria Rilke

I think that is good advice for all of us. Let the spark be nourished by rich oxygen. Speak your truth. Live out loud. Create your art.

The leaves were green...which was a disappointment, but the air was crisp and 72', so I cannot complain too much. I was sick the whole week, but managed to stay interacting. We shared some songs, had a great dinner with the Fishers, introduced Paxton to Ella, extended our family again, and drank great piñon coffee. Mmm.

The trip to Ojo was magical. That place must have a residual memory of some great energy or something. It is just a transformative spot. It really is.

It was a great week for us. Having missed last year (we were giving birth to Paxton), it was all the more meaningful to be back.

Day 17: Minneapolis

We're still here. It's still dark and beautiful outside. We had an undercooked breakfast, but other than that, it's all high praise.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Attention Minneapolis Folks

Wanted to remind you / let you know that we are playing 2 shows in Minneapolis this week.

Tues 10/16/07 8pm Casa de Van Steenwyk (House Show) $5
Wed 10/17/07 7pm Abbey Way Covenant Church $5

Maps on the cobalt season dot com.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Day 16: Minneapolis

Ahh. It's like a breath of fresh air to be see old friends (some whom we hardly know, but have some deep connection with; some we've known for a while).

The drive up was uneventful...thank God. I had a flashback from a trip I took here in college. When we were driving back from Minneapolis to CA on that trip, it was raining very hard. At one point, I passed a Tahoe on the left and it spun me out into the median, deep in water. I remember Glenn Krake getting out of the car, standing knee-deep in muck, and pushing the car while I spun the tires with the accelerator pedal.

I remembered that today as it rained on us in Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota. It freaked me out.

But we arrived safe and sound...and very happy. Opened the doors to fall leaves, 55' evening weather, and friends. It was magical. Lovely.

We are so lucky to be on this trip. We are so lucky to have friends spread out across the US. What could seem a curse (if you never travel) is a great blessing to us.

We play 2 shows in Minneapolis this week...Tuesday night @ the Van Steenwyks and Wednesday @ Abbey Way Covenant Church. Check out the cobalt season dot com for more info about the shows.

It's doubtful that you'll read this in time...but they are streaming the service live right now...perhaps you'll catch a song or two of ours!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Day 15: Omaha...somewhere in Middle America

I love that song. I just love the Counting Crows.

We drove through the rain to get here tonight. The first half of Kansas was dry and we got the highest miles per gallon (I'm a dork, I know) the whole trip. The northern part of Kansas was hit by a storm that sent out lightning spikes in every which direction. I was certain that we would die.

We saw flipped cars in medians, skidded out cars in grassy pastures, broken glass and bent steel. And that was on a 100-mile stretch. Ouch. I was scared.

But we made it...even with time to stop and get some diapers and coffee.

Tonight was unusual in that we had never met the host of the show. These things tend to be relational (and of course it was after the evening was done), but tonight was a bit of a blind date. It was quite fun though.

There are some inspired, curious folks in Omaha. I guess it's just like any other city in that way. But they have a slow charm to them, and the oxygen seems rich.

Tomorrow will be a long stretch for us...yesterday was a 4 1/2 hour drive, today a 5 hour drive, and tomorrow a 5 1/2 hour drive. Ouch. But then we'll chill for 4 nights in Minneapolis. [Selah]...oh, and we'll get to meet our friends' daughter, Selah.

It's getting closer to midnight than I had imagined, so it's time to sleep.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Day 14: Dallas to Wichita, Kansas (via Norman, OK)

Who knew? Norman, Oklahoma, home of OU, was a pretty cool place. We at at the vibey, tasty EARTH CAFÉ. Mmm. Walked the campus a bit. It was quite nice.

We continued north under the strange Kansas sky. I couldn't help but think that a tornado would soon be upon us, sirens blaring and such. It's probably similar to tourists in San Francisco thinking they might experience "The Big One" at any minute.

Had dinner with the Kirks, et al (including their daughter Esther). It was great to see them in their new environs.

Tomorrow we head to Omaha for a house show...then up to Minneapolis, one of our favorite cities.

Stats so far:

3500 MILES (of 11,000 total for the trip)

I really do plan to do some reflecting on this year's Gathering and some of the content/conversations, but I'm just dead tired, so I'm gonna say goodnight for now. Perhaps we'll make some time in Minneapolis.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Day 13: San Antonio to Dallas (again, via Waco)

Waco. Geez. Interesting place. Emma, I cannot believe you spent so many years here. A single foot step into their TRUETT SEMINARY and I was well aware that this was not home.

Anyway, the show at the Soupisets was lovely. What stellar, gracious hosts. And what an enchanted evening.

We left after Paul made us some pancakes...headed north on I-35. Mark sat with Pax in the back as Pax bemoaned his belted-down existence for about 30 minutes. Then we all enjoyed some silence on our 4+ hour drive north toward Irving for our show at The Hatch at my home church, Irving Bible.

It was another great evening. My mom watched over Pax as he slept and Holly and I sang our hearts out, accompanied by Russ and Shannon and 2 screens worth of KOYANNASQUATSI. Shawn O'Reilly read a few poems: One he had written, two from Wendell, and a cut-to-the-heart piece of Thoreau. Russ captured several great shots here.

Tomorrow we head north. We stop in/around Wichita, KS tomorrow night for an evening of rest. Saturday we'll head to Omaha for a house show. We finally pause for a few days in Minneapolis as of Sunday. Ahh....cooler weather!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Day 12: San Antonio, TX

We arrived into San Antonio just before Pax's first nap...that is, he refused to sleep in the car.

He took a long nap and then Holly and I went to visit my grandmother and great aunt who live nearby. We just put Pax down for his afternoon nap.

I sit inside the Soupiset's ranch-style house, listening to the cicadas (or are they locusts?) outside. I had a Dr. Pepper this afternoon. Holly said, "So, you're claiming your birthright are you?" Yip, I am. I seldom drink soda, but it's a hot Texas day, so why the heck not.

Two years ago, we played here at the Soupisets. It was a nervous evening for me, I remember. It was still early into the trip and we were still figuring out our message...we still are. But I remember sitting on the floor with Holly and Paul and Amy until 1am or so, dreaming of a world of authentically experienced and exchanged spirituality.

But now Paxton screams in the other room, so it's time to get. I guess the second nap didn't take.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 11: Austin, TX (by way of Waco)

We left Dallas with Mark and headed south toward the Oak Grove Abbey. The trip was nice. Pax slept for about an hour or so on the front end...and we ended up in Waco for lunch. We asked the GPS what BBQ places she recommended and we followed directions...we ended up here. It was very super top yummy. Mmm.

Pax even had his first go at BBQ. Mmm.

We dawdled around Waco, passing in and out of the Dr. Pepper Museum. We hopped back in the car and left to Austin.

It was warm, but cooler and slightly less humid than Dallas. The Oak Grove Abbey is very warm and homey and it was nice to see old friends like Greg, Jolie, Sean, Melissa, Chris, Stephen (and others) and to make some new friends like Dave, Michael, Ryan (and others).

There was good energy to the evening. It felt like we were back in the saddle again.

Following something of a similar path as 2 years ago, I am reminded of our questions then about intentional community, deliberate living, subverting the empire. I live in a new context of parenthood with 2 years more experience than then, but I still have similar questions about how we are formed, how we live well in our world, how do we exchange ideas and creative energy, etc.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Day 10: Dallas, Texas

We arrived this morning at 7am, after 10 hours of driving. Honestly, last night is one of the best nights of sleep Pax has had on this entire trip. He slept straight from

My mom graciously watched Pax this morning and we went back to sleep until about 2pm. We're still dragging, but picking up speed.

Tonight we play a concert at Journey in Dallas. If you're around, please join for dinner and the show...around 7pm.

We have several pics to upload...perhaps we'll catch up on that tomorrow. For now, just enjoying Daley's few photos. Geez Daley, put more up! :)

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Day 9: Ojo Caliente (and then we're off to Texas...)

Tonight we leave this high desert wonderland and drive the longest single stretch of this entire trip...from here to Dallas, Texas...about 666 miles total. Should I fear the number? Nah.

But seriously, tonight will be a challenge. Thoughts and prayers would be lovely, as we're hoping Paxton can sleep the whole 10-11 hours in the car...and then tomorrow we're hoping that Holly and I can catch up on some sleep before our show tomorrow night.

This last week has been (as expected) magical. Being at Ojo has certainly helped slow my pace, center my person, and heal my body (almost). This must be a residual memory in this place that is full of healing and goodness.

Time to pack the car and prep to leave. Love to you all.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Day 8: Ojo Caliente

We just arrived to Ojo. We'll be here today and tomorrow, relaxing. I might not be able to write much between now and Tuesday or so, when we'll be in TX. Check back then.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 7: Glorieta to Alburquerque to Glorieta

I got a call from Apple saying that indeed Holly's hard drive was bad. Big surprise. So I drove down to pick the computer up.

The drive was just plain

Still have a head cold...I'm going to find me some Nyquil here soon. I'll be able to spend some time reflecting in the days ahead, but for now, I must get back to Glorieta.


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Day 6: Glorieta, New Mexico

Still trying to kick this head cold thing. Pax is feeling better. That's good.

I am reminded how lucky we are to know such amazing people...

Today we're leading a discussion called CREATIVITY AS INCARNATION, TRANSFORMATION, and ARTIFACT. We'll be exploring what it means to be creative in our world...doing art more than simply for "art's sake" and also for more than coercing people into something or inviting them to a place [read: a church].

I have been wondering alot about this...both in my mind and out loud with others: I think
creativity offers us a chance to tap into the Source, to articulate it through our lens, and help people see the inbreaking of the Kingdom of Love. It'll be interesting to discuss with the group here.

The air is crisp, the piñon coffee amazing, the connections deep and profound. I am grateful...even amidst this damn sore throat and runny nose.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Day 5: Glorieta, New Mexico

We slept like crap last night...Pax woke for 4 feedings...and we're all feeling a little under the weather. We're popping the cold pills and homeopathy and Emergen-c.

I woke early with Pax this morning...we walked outside and just looked at the aspens as they are transitioning into their fall colors...and the clouds were backlit by the sun that hadn't quite crested the summit of the Sangre de Cristos that were in front of us.

Truly this is a holy place. I am reminded of the serenity of nature, high altitudes, and clean air. We busy ourselves below, remembering moments like these.

Okay, being Head of Hospitality this week, I should probably get back to glad-handing. Ciao.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Day 4: Glorieta, New Mexico

We made it. Paxton was so happy to be out of the car and back to playing in the dirt. We're all trying to fight off this minor-cold-thing. Okay, time for sleepy.........