Monday, June 19, 2006

The Capitol Yo.

We made it into DC yesterday evening. Traffic wasn't too terribly bad, and the drive was soothing across Pennsylvania.

We showed up to Children's Hospital just in time to catch the last 5 minutes of visiting hours for the day. We got to say hi to Mike, Stacey, Will, Ella, and Stacey's mom. We only got to see Will for a brief few moments (due to the aforementioned visiting hours), but he seems to be doing well, an observation I made from seeing him myself, hearing several doctors/nurses say so, and seeing the proud Dad confirm.

Got to spend then an hour or so in the cafeteria with them and talk...and stare at Ella. What an expressive little face. Mike asked if the toll roads since Illinois had been better. Yes, I responded. They sure had.

Then we left the Parents and headed to pick up some dinner and make our way over to Matt and Dawn's place. They're the kind couple who hosted the house show last November and who bought 2 of Holly's art pieces to hang in their family room. And they're putting us up for a few nights in their newly finished guest room.

And speaking of house shows, we're doing another one Tuesday (as in tomorrow) night. Details here. If you are reading this and you are in the DC area, you are invited.

Okay, now some work and then off to the hospital.

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