Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This Past Weekend

What a great, tiring, wonderful weekend.

We had our friend Daley up for the weekend. That was swell. He's an incredibly talented photographer (amongst other things), and we had the pleasure of showing him around the City. In exchange, he took a buttload of photos for photos, band photos, random photos...and he posted some of them on his blog.

The Cobalt Season (which these days is Holly, me, and Dan Dixon) played a couple in Sacramento and one here at our place. Good times...playing some new stuff and old stuff. Lots of later nights, but Pax champed it for the most part. He was obviously tired though because he then slept really long stretches at night.

We had almost 3 dozen folks packed like sardines at our house, was that, intimate.

It was great to hear Deccatree...and really great to meet Brett Bixby and hear his tunes. It was also wonderful to have Dan playing with us...and to have Katherine in town.

Adam threw down some mad poetry.

All in all it was a great weekend. God, we love this city, this community, this place in life...when we're getting enough sleep and our computers are not dying on us.

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Anonymous said...

Your last line makes me smile - inside and out.