Friday, June 15, 2007

Divine Intervention

The day before we left on tour, we noticed that our cable was all fuzzy. No station came in clearly. When we came home, it was the same.

We have had an interesting relationship with cable. We got it for free when we signed up for high-speed internet. I wonder if Comcast is tightening up their ship.

Anyways, it's all for the best I'm quite sure. Holly and I both started reading novels. I am reading The Kite Runner and she's reading The Time Traveler's Wife.

Our TV has helped us get through the first several months of parenting, but perhaps it's time for us to step away from it for a bit. And all with a little help from Comcast.


Lora said...

i liked each of those books a lot...but scrubs will miss you. said...

oh yay! i think i gave you guys the kite runner while in phuket, yeah? i love that book. more than the time traveler's wife. but that one is okay.