Tuesday, July 24, 2007

GPS Anyone?

I'm in the market for a GPS for our fall trip. If you have one you'd be interested in loaning/selling/renting us for Sept-Nov, please let me know. Or if you know where I can find one for a good price, that'd also be helpful. We're looking for one that pulls up bookstores, coffee shops, etc.

If you have any leads, please email me.


the nygrens said...

Bro, keep an eye out on http://woot.com
One day, one deal and I've seen multiple GPS units on there. Throw it in your RSS and just keep an eye out. If they have a small amount, you have to get in quick before they run out.

EmmA...er...Pamela said...

so i had to wiki this to even see what it was. i guess it is that little device that directs you in your car, right? well, this probably isn't helpful to you, but it is a little tidbit fact.... every south korean that owns a car, owns this device and has for at least the entire time i have been here. it's a standard toy here in the land o' electronic goodies.

BakerMan said...

You can get them pretty cheap from AAA if you have a membership. Not quite the models that satisfy technogeeks like myself, but good enough. Buy.com has refurbished ones for decent prices. And never forget the wonder of great deals... no, not ebay... craigslist. But for a trip, make sure you get one with built in maps. I have one without that and it is more or less useless in the car. Just for geocaching mainly!

Anonymous said...

how will you draw your maps now?