Monday, August 13, 2007

New Music for the Sharps

Man, I feel like we've been given, stumbled upon, and discovered some great music lately. Truth is, we're not mavens when it comes to good music...not at all. We rely on friend's recommendations and suggestions. Turns out we know very little about what music is out there...

St. Vincent - Thanks to Bob Carlton for introducing us to this lovely lady and all her quirkiness. We actually saw her at Café du Nord a couple weeks ago. She was amazing.

Death Vessel - He opened for St. Vincent. I thought he was a roadie, dressed in all black, with strangly, long black hair. Amazing stuff...and yes, he is a dude...not a young girl. (Listen and you'll know what I mean.)

William Fitzsimmons - Thanks to Jasen for sending us Goodnight. F-king heartbreaking. Wow. I had to take a deep breath there.

Blonde Redhead
& Great Lake Swimmers - Thanks Dan for sending us these fine specimens.

Feist - The latest album is her/their best. Really.


Josh said...

just stumbled onto st. vincent last week. stumbled onto i'm from barcelona today. simply amazing.

brett said...

love feist as well

Jon said...

if you're looking for another great female singer/songwriter, check out ingrid michaelson.