Tuesday, July 08, 2008

No House Yet

Tomorrow we head back down south, to Oakland, where it's said to be triple-digit weather. We've a full weekend ahead of us!

The first half of the trip here was spent looking for places, meeting up with folks, working, playing with Pax at the playground. As I wrote last week, we found a place we're really excited about. But we're still going back and forth on price and whatnot.

These kinds of decisions always make me think that I should pray more, but then I catch myself wondering why I should ask God to help me instead of person on the other end of the deal. Should I really ask God to favor me over the seller? Now, in this case, the seller is a bank, so yes, God should pick me ;) over them.

But I guess I'm glad everything hasn't happened too quickly. Even though we still feel great about this property, I have appreciated seeing other houses (even since we put the offer on this house) and learning about the whole process along the way.

So, fingers crossed, rosaries held, chants murmured, and prayers prayed. We really would like this place, so if you're the praying kind, then please, by all means, ask that we'd get this place for a price we can afford!


Jeramy Sossaman said...

yeah, i agree....god should pick you guys over the bank...save travels!

kristi said...

i know that feeling well of trying to figure out if i should be praying for something or not. should i pray for my check to come on time when i know if it doesn't it's not because of him, it's because of all the nitwits who won't process my invoice on time...and on and on.

in the end, though, i think if you feel compelled to pray about it you should. and we'll be praying with you. i think it's the process of prayer that helps us see through the fog. maybe it doesn't make our wishes granted, but it helps us think clearer.