Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wasting Time

Last night, some friends came over and we watched JUMPER, one of the lamer films I've seen this year. And we followed that with 2 episodes of HEROES, also pretty lame, though I enjoy it.

A year ago, I would have felt guilty about this. I subscribed so much to the idea of hyper-intentionality that it would have been difficult to make room for an evening like this. Or I would have felt bad afterwards for having wasted that time.

But last night, I had fun. We all just chilled. And that was nice. While I still want to "make the most of every opportunity," I need time here and there just to be human and stupid. Like last night. So, I wasted an evening that could have been productive or thought-provoking or really, really relational or missional. But it wasn't. It was just chill.

And I'm becoming okay with that from time to time.


ashdown said...

so was it really a waste? seems to me like it was restorative and redemptive.

jeramy sossaman said...

i'm with it. i think this is totally acceptable. keep doing it.

funkyaxe said...

last year, shaina and i hijacked my brother-in-law's netflix account and watched every episode of heroes season 1 and 2 from the "watch now" section. it was awesome.

glad to see that you're enjoying some of the simple things in life. nothing wrong with that at all man.

Unknown said...

feel free to chill with us.

troy bronsink said...

intentionallism can be a cloak for control, cant it? It fits our old evangelical "garbage in garbage out" knee jerks.

Missional- joining the mission of God also means unintentionally stumbling into making love, or taking a crap, and, yes, watching too many heroes episodes in a row. Missional is necessarily incarnation, so yeah, live it all well, don't vet and edit life so that only a small censored percentage has the chance to flourish. Who knows which bush will burn? When know when our Lord will be ween in the breaking of bread. This is slowly growing on my too. -miss y'all