Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Kindness of Strangers

Last night was really fun. We grabbed an okay dinner at Cava and the
headed to The Aladdin. We arrived as the opened was clearing stage.
Sweet. Oh and as a side note to my SF friends, we found free parking
about 100 feet from the venue. That is unheard of back in The Bay.

So we find a seat. This will be the first OTR show we will see that
doesn't require us to stand. Ah...for an old man like me, I am very
appreciative of this.

Just before the show started, I went back for a second glass of
Rioja...or was it a Sangiovese? And the bartender remembered me and
gave Holly a free glass on the house. Nice!

After some conversation with those around us, the show started. It was
basically the same show we as a year ago but with great pedal steel /
electric guitar player. About three songs in, we were out of wine
again bummer.

The folks next to us who we had been talking with got up to get drinks
and came back with two bonus glasses of wine for us! "Welcome to
Portland," they said.

Wow. I just love it when stuff like that happens.


aurora bender said...

that's pretty great! i will come down soon. i will i will i will. i am mostly saying that for me.

Adam said...

Reminds me of our first dinner out in Livermore. Sarah and I let a family have the larger table we were sitting at - and when we ordered our beers, the guy next to us told the waitress, "Oh -- we'll pay for those."

Ahhh, welcome to Livermore ;) Basically like Portland.