Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Should be ready in time for summer!


Anonymous said...

summer as in july 3 - july 6, 2009? yeeeeeeeeeee

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Looks tasty,
Do you use kits? I get mine through midwest brewing supply. I am browsing the catalog right now. I was thinking of trying some interesting additives like heather. I was thinking of doing a honey heather ale for one of my summer brews. Then my favorite is Dark Maple Ale for this autumn.

Trav said...

uhm, pbr.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Nat, I don't really use "kits" per se, but I do just go to the brew shop to find recipes (or my last Espresso stout recipe I found online and then improvised). They grind my grains and pour the extract. It's pretty white-collar. :)

I have used spices as additives when I brewed a Belgian winter ale a few years back. It was nice.

A honey heather ale? That sounds fantastic.