Friday, May 01, 2009


So one of the downsides of using seeds (instead of starters) is the
wait. And it's not just the wait; it's the second-guessing. I hate it.
Nothing breaking through the soil. Until POP!

These arugula seeds give me hope. They're the only thing that has
sprouted visably so far. But we're only a week in, so time to kick
back, smoke my pipe and wait. And wait.


maria said...

I adore arugula. And I find it's fairly easy to grow, but it does have a tendency to bolt quickly. It's a good one to sow, say, every 2 weeks.


kristi said...

have you read the frog and toad books? there's a story in one of them where frog (or toad, can't remember which one) sleeps next to the garden, plays violin, sings, dances, everything he can think of to make the seeds grow, and then when he's not looking, there they are!

i love those stories. such great tales of friendship. and patience. and lots of other things.

Unknown said...

dude, chill out.

eotijqgoadflmvkad;lmf;lwetopirgopijadfpoiad;lfm said...

You don't smoke a pipe, do you?