Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reflections on WineMaking

Here are some photos Holly and Bethany took along the way...I'll post them every once in a while.

We'll start with cleaning and crush. We rented a big ole crusher-destemmer from the local brew shop to help us process the 1/2 ton of grapes we got. The machine takes the stems out and lightly crushes the grapes. In ancient times (and still today in some circles), people actually do stomp these with their feet. We were happy to let technology work for us. :)

I brewed up my FreshHop Pale Ale for the occasion. We all drank our share that evening, finishing off about 4 of the 5 gallons in that keg. Mmm.

I think it'd be worth it to click on the images to get them bigger!

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