Wednesday, December 02, 2009

ML -The Barrel is Bleeding!

Well, a quick update...

The wine is really coming along. We blended about 2 1/2 gallons of our Petit Sirah into the barrel. We had tried a test blend and loved it, so we took the next step. We wanted the PS to have some time in the barrel to get some breathe-time.

Even at this point the flavor profile is quite complex. We are hoping the oak and fruit flavors will come more into balance. The mouthfeel is viscous and has velvety tannis already. We aimed not to press too hard on those seeds.

I am trying to keep the temp of the room around 70-75' as to promote healthy secondary fermentation. But it's difficult being that it's in the 30s at night here!

The plan is still to bottle in Fall or Winter 2010.

Still not sure if we will fine or filter the wine. We want to make sure it's of highest quality, so we'll figure that in the months to come.

Stay tuned!


The Shib said...

At least this barrell wasnt in your bedroom, and started hissing and spitting at 3am. Just sayin.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Yah, that's happened twice since we've been in Portland...once with an Espresso Stout I made and once with an expensive Belgian Triple that I made.

I am ready to retire the pig.

maria said...

When I read about your winemaking, I feel like Thomas Hayden Church in Sideways. "Oh, yeah... strawberries. Mmmm."

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

I understand. That's how I feel anytime anyone posts anything regarding televised sports on their blogs!