Tuesday, October 19, 2004

a note from sojourners...

thought id post it instead of emailing this to people...

1. Don't just protest - be pro-active! Join an effort to
mobilize voters as part of the "Vote ALL Your Values" campaign,
a nonpartisan coalition of progressive-to-moderate faith-based
groups (including Sojourners) who are calling America to vote on
a broader range of values. How can you make a difference? Make
brief phone calls to encourage low-income, minority, and young
citizens to get out and vote. It's simple, quick, and enormously

Go to: http://go.sojo.net/ct/t7zPK-11sQVd/voteALLyourvalues

2. Stop dirty tricks by Republican activists! Organizations
funded by the Republican National Committee have been caught
pulling illegal
dirty tricks, signing up voters but destroying registration
forms filled out by Democrats in Nevada. Because of the illegal
activities of this company, many voters who go to the polls on
November 2 will be turned away at the door.

These dirty tricks are not limited to Nevada. The right to vote
is under attack nationwide - especially for minorities.
Error-prone purges of ex-felon lists continue to
disproportionately affect black voters in Florida, where other
tactics - including sending armed officers to the homes of those
filing absentee ballots - have further intimidated minority and
immigrant voters.

Take Action! Demand that President Bush renounce these tactics
and order his presidential campaign and the RNC to sever all
ties with those responsible and to cooperate fully with all
legal authorities to punish them for sullying our democracy.

Click here to take action: http://go.sojo.net/campaign/dirty_tricks/585wbn4rjin6kw

3. Keep the pressure on! As we reported a few weeks ago, the RNC
also sent mailings to Christians in West Virginia and Arkansas
claiming that "liberals" would ban the Bible. If you haven't yet
signed our alert urging the RNC to renounce this crass
exploitation of religion, do so now!

Take action at: http://go.sojo.net/campaign/biblegate/585wbn4rjin6kw


Jeffrey said...
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Anonymous said...

Kerry is a fairy who is Bias and a hypocrite......watch out