Thursday, March 02, 2006

Just Now... Really.

I just purchased our tickets to Europe and our Eurail passes. Kinda scary to solidify it. We're really going.

Care to know the details? They have changed.

We leave April 16th from San Francisco. We arrive into Amsterdam the morning of the 17th, hop a train to Brussels where we'll get our first night of sleep. Then we fly to Barcelona and begin our trek across Spain, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Luxemborg, Belgium, and back up to Amsterdam by May 16th. Then we'll fly back to the States to be home May 17th.

It both wears me out and excites me to type it. Wow. We're really going.

3 comments: said...

germany? it's in or out? it wasn't on the last list. lemme know.

Frodo said...

Hey Ryan,

I work with a missional church planting group in western europe called Christian Associates International. I used to be a youth pastor in california and actually met you and Timber at Hume Lake & Biola (1996). Anyway, I have friends in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Nice, Munster, Berlin and more. I don't know what your arrangements are but many of these I'm sure could provide housing and maybe enjoy a gig. Let me know if you want me to put you in contact with any of my friends. I just returned from Portugal where we got to together for a leadership summit. You can email me at Peace
Bob Hudson

Hugh Comerford said...

Ryan and Holly,

As you both know, the world is big. Bigger than xenophobia and ethnocentricity can accomodate.

Buy some canadian flags, sew them onto your backpacks or sleeves.

Can't hurt - might help.

and really - who's kidding whom; texas to one side you're both totally passable as Canucks.

Watch Fargo for hints. Just say 'eh' and 'aboot', and have a wonderful time.