Monday, March 13, 2006

Track 10: I, Obstruction



Life is full of failure. And to succeed is only possible by not fearing failure. Still, I fear failure. I fear having made decisions that ended me in places that are not as important as others.

My friends are writing books, saving the world, giving away all their money. S'pose I'll inspire a revolution? I dunno. Perhaps I should have focussed less of my life energy on ideas and more on relationships.

People, after all, are more important than ideas...says Bono.

Turns out I am the obstruction in the River of Life that is attempting to make its way through, bringing healing into this world. How do I stop being part of the problem? Certainly self-awareness is a place to start?


It's flat for miles around me
Land as far as I can see
S'pose the world is kinda like that
Seems a fine idea to me

So I'll write it in a book now
And I'll sell it to the masses
And I'll inspire a revolution
Until the lonliness passes

And what the hell's wrong with me?
I should have been a father
I should have been a brother
I should have been a friend

So forget about religion
It'll never save your soul
Not even capitalism
Son it could make your wife a whore

Just get rid of all your crap now
Just give it to the poor
So that they can have your crap now
So that they can want some more

Turns out it's never quite that easy
Or perhaps it really is
That man's words, they come to haunt me
Those words they come to haunt me

I need a brand new story
One to set my world at peace
Tired of waiting here 'till Glory
I need that Kingdom to release

Come floodin' down my street here
Come streamin' through my hall
Come swellin' up around my bedside
Come with healing now for all

It turns out I am the obstruction
Turns out I have been one
To loose them or enslave them
And just leave them all undone


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