Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Album Release Parties (and CA tour)

Aw geez, haven't I said anything about these? Hope it's not too late!

Maps are available at

Okay, album release parties...

05/25/07 8pm Casa Milos (House Show) - Palo Alto, CA $10 (includes free CD!)
05/26/07 8pm Casa Burnett (House Show) - Oakland, CA $10 (includes free CD!)
05/27/07 7pm Album Release Party @ Goat Hall - SF, CA $10 (includes free CD!)

And a short tour throughout CA ($5 donation for most shows)...(still taking bookings)

06/03/07 5pm Flood w/ Mark Scandrette and Adam Klein - Sacramento, CA
6/06/07 7pm Casa Wissink (House Show) - Fresno, CA
6/07/07 7pm ArtWalk - Riverside, CA
06/08/07 7pm Casa Devries (House Show) - Orange County, CA
06/09/07 7pm The Village Abbey with Adam Klein - Santa Ana, CA
06/10/07 10.30am Mission Gathering - San Diego, CA
06/10/07 7pm Casa Evans (House Show) with Adam Klein - San Diego, CA
06/11/07 7pm Casa O’Farrell (House Show) - Riverside, CA

If you can make it to a show (or two!), let me know, yo. It'd be great to hook up. And here's an e-flier for the SF album release party...


Jon said...

it was great getting to hang out with you guys last night. i'd love to do it again sometime.

Eric Wakeling said...

I hope that Bea and I can come to the one at Mike DeVries house. Gotta figure out the sitter situation. Bea will be about 8.75 months pregnant so we'll see how she feels.