Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Josh Ritter is Genius

If you're not turned onto him, please check him out.

"If what's loosed on earth will be loosed up on high / It's a helluva heaven we must go to when we die."

"We need faith for the same reasons / That it's so hard to find."

"Heaven is so big there ain’t no need to look up / So I stopped looking for royal cities in the air / Only a full house gonna have a prayer."

"The lake was a diamond in the valley's hand."

"The keys to the Kingdom got lost inside the Kingdom."

Wow, this is an amazing, dark, hopeful album.


not your mom said...

I agree...I have been listening to him for months and can't get him out of the CD player...except for a little Cobalt Season

Rick said...

i was noticing that lyric this morning. our minds must have been melding.

I cannot wait to buy your cd.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Lyrics to the whole of Thin Blue Flame here.