Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 2: Fresno Heading East

We played in Fresno last night. It's nice to be back on the road, but I am also quickly reminded of the inherent challenges of playing different places, staying in different homes, putting your heart into a performance and then being dead tired...and then sleeping like crap because your son slept like crap.

And this morning, he woke up with a severe runny nose. I'm hoping he's not sick. We're powering him on the homeopathy.

Holly is being kind to walk him around this morning to help him burn energy before his morning nap. She is stellar.

We are grabbing breakfast with some friends this morning and then hitting the road for one of the (potentially) longest drive days of our trip...and all this after a bad night's sleep. Oh Lordy.

I ask myself if we have made an unwise decision or if this is simply the price paid for the life we live. Everyone pays a price for the decisions they make. I am reminded of the isolation of isolation I used to know well. People hiding inside their big-ass SUVs (driven by one person) and homes that could house a dozen children. Those people pay a price as's just a different kind of price. It's a slower, subtler death. Ours is quick and allows for seemingly fast rebirth.

I'll stick with the plan. And I'm inspired by those we meet along the way who are also interested in living life as experiment, attempting to re-imagine they way they participate in systems of healing and oppression, and trying to make ways to bring about hope in the world.

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s.o said...

your post finds perspective at the end, and that's hopeful! Thanks for the word.
today, I'm at a conference/symposium at a local Unitarian Universalist church. It is about environmental sustainability, and also social justice.
your post goes perfectly with it, and it's encouraging to see how connected are the messages we are finding each day ... miles and miles apart, but still each living within the modern dream's framework.
it will be good to see you soon.