Wednesday, September 26, 2007

T-Minus 2 Days and Counting

Yes, Friday morning we'll take off and begin our journey across the States, starting with a house show in Fresno this Friday night. Then we head east to New Mexico for our annual gathering with friends from across the globe.

It feels like fall...

I don't know if it's Mike's post earlier this week, the autumn wind that swept through San Francisco last week, Brian Mazzarello's phone call wishing us a happy new year (if that makes no sense to you, see me reference October being our advent here), Paxton's birthday coming up in a week or so, the harvest moon that shone last night, or the insanity that always seems to proceed our autumnal shifts.

But it's something. It's in the air. It's palpable.

Perhaps it's the fact that Dan and Bethany are making pumpkin bread or perhaps it's got something to do with the fact that I've had more conversations with Damien in the last couple months (which generally happens leading up to the Emergent Gathering). Perhaps it's a general hopefulness that I can feel ready to spring anew.

I am told that most people feel such things in Spring. Not us. We feel them in Autumn. And I'm feeling them now.

Leaves that fall, signifying death so that life can return to the soil
Winds that blow, bringing new, fresh breaths to my lungs
Colors I have never seen, I see every year
Come, Spirit, Come


not your mom said...

dude, i am going to miss another show...what's the deal...enjoy the journey

Daley said...

....things just feel right in fall