Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ducks In A Row

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting my ducks in a row for 2008. Actually, some ducks I'm asking to be in a row, some fall right into place magically, and some I'm having more of a problem syncing with the others...but generally, they're in a row.

With regards to SharpSeven, we're finally an S-Corp, getting our tax and accounting shite straight. That's huge. Now we're looking for people to work for us.

With regards to The Cobalt Season's forthcoming EP, the songs are written, the demos are made, the schedule is set for recording. Pretty exciting to have Charlie Wilson back on the team again for mixing and mastering. Got our duplicator set up and he's local. That's swell. Daley's going to be joining us for this recording and that should be fun.

With regards to The Cobalt Season's forthcoming DVD (did you know?), some amazing stuff is falling into place. Travis Reed (of THE WORK OF THE PEOPLE and HIGHWAY fame) is flying from Houston out to SF for a couple days to capture the recording experience (remember, we're recording this entire thing live!). He'll also be articulating and curating the deeper stories. Beautiful.

With regards to tours / traveling / and whatnot, we have some dates lined up for all across the West Coast in Spring '08. Also flying to DC to participate in a peace rally / protest / art installation piece. And we just lined up the Portrero Hill Neighborhood House (with one of the most fantastic views in the City) for our April 18th Album Release Party.

With regards to life, I think I'm taking slightly deeper breaths and spending more time where I'd like to spend it. That's good stuff.

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s.o said...

this is a great read. way to set the example!
we'll be visiting Reno from March 17-25th. I'd love to drive out to San Fran for a day. You there then?

-shaun o