Saturday, January 12, 2008


I know, I know. Really, I am one when it comes to music. I've said this before. Were it not for the likes of Ashdown, Rick Bennett, Troy Bronsink, Daley Hake or Craig Burnett, I'd be hopeless.

But last night at our show (which was really fun), a guy named Brian said we reminded him of HEM. Heard of them? I hadn't. But they're quite good. We just purchased their newest record on iTunes. Good stuff. Check out their MySpace.

If I'm one of the first to hear about them, perhaps I am turning into a maven. Yes. Finally.


soupablog said...

even if you are a johnny-come-lately to Hem, I'm sure you'll remember their song "Half Acre" from two years ago. And yes, there are times that the simplicity of your style reminds me of them and vice-versa. hope all is well. i owe you that piece of paper.

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i am surprised you have not heard of them. we got two of their cd's a few years ago and they always seemed ok to us. they never really took off in our listening though for some reason. right after we got our discs, they did a big tour with over the rhine. i think it was for otr's drunkard's prayer album. i guess i figured that you would have heard about them from that. well, it's good to know you have found another band that you like. it's quite all right to find music late, cause it's still new to you for you to!

Anonymous said...

first time i heard hem was on that insurance commercial. i liked it enough to google the lyrics.