Sunday, June 22, 2008

And We're Off

Today, we take off and head up to Portland for some relief from the heat, and to see what might be in the future for our family. Your thoughts and prayers along the way would be appreciated. As well as Portland connections.

Today, we'll try to make it up to Medford. Tomorrow, before heading on up to Portland, I'm hoping we can stop in to their up-and-coming "Oregon Napa Valley" which makes some fine wines from warm weather (as opposed to the Willamette Valley which produces many cool weather wines).

Okay, time to get packing...


kristi said...

hey R&H, do you know dustin & kelly bagby somehow? ( they have been posting their summer hiking adventure pics (plus they are part of a really cool church in portland, which i'm sure you have already heard of...i can't think of the name of it right now). the pictures are AMAZING. you are from that area so you have probably already seen this beauty, but just looking at pics on a computer takes my breath away, so i can't imagine what these mountains are like in person. def makes me want to move out safe. prayers your way.

aurora borealis said...

i really do hope things come with clarity as you find your way around portland. it would be great to have you guys closer.