Sunday, June 01, 2008

Cathing Up

We finally got moved our of our home in San Francisco. It was a wild ride...a few days long, the last one spent cleaning on hands and knees. But with 4 of us, it made the process seem quick and social.

Craig and Lora have kindly offered their place for us to crash for a bit. Originally, we had considered a longer stay in the Bay area, but the more we thought about (and still think about it), we'll probably try to move to Portland sooner than later.

First step, we are subletting a house in the Sunnyside district (where we want to live) for the last week of June and first week of July. That should be time of year up there and it'll give us a chance to really see if that's the neighborhood (and city) that we want to live in.

We'll hope/plan on remaining in Oakland through summer...perhaps even into early fall (so I can make my wine!)...but we'll wait and see.

Welcome back to liminal space.

1 comment:

aurora bender said...

i will definitely take the train down and stay for the weekend.