Thursday, October 30, 2008

Our Digs

Well, just in time for our San Francisco friends to come and stay for a few days, the painting is done. I got a dozen or so bags of bark mulch to lay around the edges of the house and it just looks like a million bucks. It's so fun to see things coming together.

The really cool thing is that it has been cause for celebration among many of the neighbors...and not just folks who live on our street. People swing by who just drive or bike by the house every day, or folks who had considered buying it. It's really cool to see everyone rallying for us.

Click on the below photo to see up close and personal...

Upper left is from 1904 (?) and the upper right is when we first bought the house. You could hardly even see this house from the street! Lower left is when we cut down the trees and trimmed back the others. And bottom right is today.

Wow. Wow. Wow. And now for some rest, friends, hookah, and beer!


ashdown said...

wow!!! bro - looks amazing - so stoked for you

Anonymous said...

It looks amazing! I looks so great! Can't wait to see it tomorrow. I am sure it's all worth the hard work and time spent on it.

See you tomorrow.

jeramy sossaman said...

dude! it looks so good. i'm happy for you guys.

russ said...

VERY nice! Good job.