Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Got My New Shoes On

I seldom buy myself new clothes. Part of it is simple non-neccesity
and part of it is cheapness. I can throw down tons of cash on a nice
meal, but you'll almost never see me sporting expensive
clothes...unless someone has given them to me.

Well today, after putting it off for many years, I bought myself a
nice pair of boots. Inspired by all my man-boot wearing friends, I
joined the ranks of the fashionistas. Well, my socks still droop and
I'm still wearing boxers from college and these pants have holes near
no mans land. But they do match the nice H&M sweater Craig-Lora gave me.

Yah, I'm The Shit.


Anonymous said...

they look warm and lasting. my feet feel cold now.

... my captcha is "wookst"... i dig it.

Mike Stavlund said...

oh, those are perfect.

Mike Stavlund said...

okay, I keep coming back to look. Can't tell which is inducing more lust-- the boots or that floor.

Jason Evans said...

it's nice to see you returning to your texan roots.

aurora bender said...

it's funny, i am currently sporting pants that should probably be replaced, but have no interest in buying new ones. for all the same reasons you have named above. soon enough i suppose.

aurora bender said...

oh and i like the boots. the shit indeed.