Sunday, November 02, 2008

What a Great Weekend

Dan, Bethany, and Adam came up this weekend to hang. They flew in Thursday night and left this morning. It was a fun, relaxing, full few days.

Let's see, we had gastronomical delights every few hours, including wine tasting out in Hood River. We walked the neighborhoods and parks of SE Portland, rain and shine. We made food, made wine, and then consumed more wine than we ever could have made. We dreamed. We watched movies. We talked about ideals and nuanced realities. We built rain barrels and watched them fill up and water the yard. We talked. We laughed. We smoked hookah.

It was an amazing time. Holly will soon be posting some pics over on Pax's blog, I'm sure. And huge thanks to Brad and Birgitta and Maddax and Vienna for coming over to our house yesterday to hang with Pax so that the SF-ers and former SF-ers could go do tasting sans child.

Here's another time lapse video from last night, making and eating dinner and watching Grizzly Man and smoking hookah.

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