Thursday, February 12, 2009

And Finally

More indepth coverage at Holly's blog.


s.o said...

Looks great! Wow. It will look even better live with stumptown in hand, plus a fig from the back.

russ said...

Oh yeah.. That's the stuff! Amanda and I drove to Salida last night to see Shannon Whitmore (really great live) and grab a little micro brew. She had seen this post and was trying to describe the wall to me... unfortunately she was getting hit with some type of bug on our way there... so it cut our night short and we had to pull over a few times on our way home...S.O, you remember when you left a deposit on the lawn of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton. ;-) Anyway... she was already a little loopy trying to describe this to me.... but she really liked it. I agree. Very nice work.

Here at the camp I am coming more and more to the place where I see that a key element of our job (and my passion) is to simply be 'environmentalist.' Yes, in the conventional way too, but also in the sense that through our hospitality and the creation of environment along with our celebration (and preservation) of that already created we set the table for connectivity.

Some walls divide. Some define. Some confine. Some connect. We need more walls like yours.

russ said...

Oops... that's Shannon 'Whitworth' not 'Whitmore.' We had to leave early so I guess I was wanting 'more.' :-)