Wednesday, February 04, 2009

This is My Excavation

As my sister posted, I must post. I, too, seem to find words very powerful. Especially ones that are put together in such a way as to dislodge something deep within me.

I am a johnny-come-lately to most music. I came upon Bon Iver after Mike reviewed them (and according to his blog, he had just recently discovered them as well).

Last night, as I stared at my computer screen entering data, I put Re: Stacks on repeat because it just felt right.

This my excavation and today is Qumran
Everything that happens is from now on

I thought of Mike and Stacy and Ella and how they're about to give birth to their second baby girl. I thought about friends in transition who are landing. I thought about the many stops along the way I've taken.

At the end of the night, I felt very sad and empty. I have fewer and fewer Qumrans. Life is much more full of nuance and everyday spice...less of the big stuff. Or the big stuff seems smaller now. Or I dunno.

I didn't hole up in a cabin in Wisconsin this winter, but I didn't need to. Justin did. And he reconnected with the Ground which is connected to me. Which is how he knew to write these words. He tapped into It. Thanks man.

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