Thursday, April 28, 2005

Adventures in Missing the Point?

Here is a pretty good article on Mr. McLaren via Will.

I think you need to sign up for a free membership or something. Pretty easy.

I liked the article, but have to confess that this is a typical mis-direct of what much of this whole Emergent thing is about: It is not that Jesus doesn't require something of you. It is that he requires your whole life, not just your 'spirituality' or your 'religious life'.

I was just a little bummed that many of the comments in the article made it sound as though Brian's saying that Jesus just wants to make you feel warm and fuzzy and get your needs met. The truth of the gospel of Jesus is summed in Jesus' own words, "Repent. The Kindgdom of Heaven is at hand."

Now, most of us hear the word repent and shreik or shiver, but what it is saying is re-imagine or return even. It is as if there was ultimate goodness at the beginning of time, and Jesus is saying he's come to set things in their proper place and his call to humanity is, "Be part of the problem or be part of the solution of bringing goodness and healing in this world."

I think that actually requires more than most religious folks give to Jesus. It means you write off no person. It means you value all life. It means you attempt to live out the dreams and hopes of God in this world. It means you cease to be an escapist. It means you become a part of the solution. It means you better get busy living... really living.

Okay, well those are some ramblings that will actually launch tomorrow's post, but that... for tomorrow. Ciao.


Brian Aaby said...

I agree with much of what you wrote about "repent." However, repent (in Jesus' words) was also followed with "leave your life of sin" (John 8, et al). There is a call to humanity to do those great things you talked about, but it isn't just about being a "right" human, it IS about actual sin as well. I believe truly "repentant" believers will be better humans because of their own failures/past sins. However, we are called to leave the life of sin. I believe someone can become a great human w/o truly "repenting" of sin, but in the end the world may be a better place because of his/her life, but eternity will be missing that person.
Looking forward to tomorrows post.

Jon said...

Whenever I see a picture of Brian McLaren, I feel like bowin, laying down a rose and saying "St. Brian." He is really doing a tremendous work.

I do wonder at the lack of direction in the emerging church as a whole, however... it's seems it's easy to know what they are not, but not what they are... I feel that a core issue is not understanding theosis as a part of the gospel is what keeps all Christian movements from realizing their potential.