Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Michael's High Opinion of Scripture

I wish Michael blogged more often...

The bible is not a living being. It cannot be trusted, it cannot make mistakes. It is neither fallible nor infallible. I believe treating the bible as if it were the fourth aspect of God, a plurality of four rather than the trinity, is a peculiar idolatry of the present day church. Father (capital F), Son (capital S), Spirit (capital S), Bible (capital B).

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Sled Dog said...

The dictionary describes the word "infallible" as: Certain, without error, sure.

I always have understood the infallibility of Scripture to be understood as in the original inspiration...meaning that as God worked through human authors to inscribe His message, those original writings could be clearly called God's Word...the words HE intended to be there. So the concpets of "inspired" and "infallible" are utterly connected.

I see the fear that comes from how that word would be applied from strict theologians who don't want to have any give and take in discussing God's Word and His intent. They make their theological claim and then state that the Word is infallible. Essentially they use the word infallible to build a protective fence around themselves.