Thursday, September 01, 2005


Come on. Seriously.

Bush Calls Iraq War Moral Equivalent Of Allies' WWII Fight Against the Axis

On Tuesday, he cast the war in Iraq as the modern-day moral equivalent of the struggle against Nazi fascism and Japanese imperialism in World War II, arguing that the United States cannot retreat without disastrous consequences.


Nathan Bryce said...

Hello... so I'm new to your blog... what's your problem with the president?

ordinary_nobody_dreamer said...


You cannot be serious. If you actually watched, listened to, or read the speech you might have had some idea what you were talking about. Unfortunately, it appears you found a catchy headline and presumed to know all the facts based on your own preconceived thoughts and ideas. If you read or listened to the speech you would see just how poor the Washington Post's article on the speech was and is. Once again I am disappointed in you, especially because it is clear from your posts that you are well read, concerned about current events, and extremely articulate.