Thursday, September 15, 2005

Socialized into Showering

This morning I had an epiphany.

You see, yesterday I woke up early, showered, recorded in my studio all day, grabbed a bite to eat, came home and recorded some more. No real manual labor or sweat or whatnot.

This morning looked like it'd go the same way. Around 8.30am I thought, "Oh, I'd better take a shower before I get too far into the day." So, I went to the bathroom, began to disrobe... and then I smelled my armpits... they smelled fine. As if I had just sprayed them with deodorant.

I was clean.

But I still got into the shower.

You see, I have been socialized into showering (at least) once a day. Some days, I forget that I've already showered, and I shower again.

What's up with that?


Ben.. said...

and we thank you for it...

The Shib said...

Ryan really. Better to overshower than undershower.

berly02 said...

Over showering is soooo a good thing. Really.

Jon said...

I know some people say we over-bathe, but I think there's nothing so refreshing as a nice shower, and toweling off after.

Aside from hygiene, there's something about water, and getting wet, that's just so good for us.
No to mention hot water, steam, saunas, Native American sweatlodges, sweating prayer to God.

In the winter, I sometimes take a couple of showers a day. Helps with the heating! And my sanity!