Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mt. Whitney and an Album

So, the last 10 days have had me hunkered over my laptop with guitar in hand. I just finished recording and mixing my new album and passed it off to the duplicator. Sweet. It's done (sorta anyway).

Album release party is the same as the Art Show. Oct 2nd.

If you're interested, here are some of the new songs on my myspace account.

Today, tomorrow, then Friday: Mt. Whitney... all weekend. And it's supposed to be cold. But that's another story all together...

Friends, the writing and recording of this album has been very cathartic and moving for me. I do hope to share some of these with you either by disc or online or by playing a house-show at your place for you and some friends who might be on a similar journey. Lemme know.

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