Friday, December 02, 2005

Day 56-57: Virginia

Headed out of Camden, NJ to head south about 4 hours to Fredricksburg to hook up with some new friends and play a show at a local pub. Great fun.

Left the next morning from Fredricksburg, just after a 30-minute snow flurry storm. Ah, winter is ahead...

We then drove about an hour north to see some of our favorite people, Mike and Stacy Stavlund. Holly calls them Generosity Bullies. They are. Beautiful people, they are.

Then we sat in this for 7 hours heading up to NYC...

NYC, here we come!

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Jon said...

Hope you're heading back to Virginia. I'm in Norfolk; I've got a small apartment... I can't put you guys up, but I'd love to take you out to dinner.