Monday, December 05, 2005

Day 60: NYC

What a day. Slept in a bit. Grabbed some breakfast and some coffee from Dean and Deluca. We walked for a while. I was on a conference call for an hour and a half while Holly just sat, staring at her coffee.

Got a hold of Zach and Kat for lunch. Had good sushi. My first experience with sashami. Mmm.

Visited the World Trade Center site. Wow. Heavy.

Went to the theatre district to get tix for RENT. The deal is that if you arrive 2 hours before show time, they do a lottery for the 1st 2 $20 a ticket! We won the lottery and sat 2nd row.

In between getting the tix and seeing the show, we had amazing pizza. Mmm.

After an incredible show (What a play!), we walked outside and it was snowing. Soft flakes on our faces.

We ran to get our luggage out of baggage check at the hotel, got our car out of the parking garage. And got on the freeway eventually. Except it wasn't a freeway, it was a to be expected in New Jersey!

Heading south now to crash at a Super 8 Motel for a few days to get some work done, rest, and re-center. This last part of the trip has certainly been fun, but I am tired. Tired. And have been fighting off a cold. Both of us. And feeling a little behind. Actually alot behind. And I need some time for catch-up and recharge. Thanks for the prayers.

Oh yah, tomorrow marks 2 months since we left. Wow.


AnaE said...

Hi. Can you please explain how you are effecting change in the world and ousting world poverty by driving around the country playing music with your friends and basically just hanging out. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but this blog doesn't exactly portray your experiment as particualarly humanitarian. Actually it seems incredibly egoistic. Yes, it's nice to be young, free and hang out with people that agree with you...but it's also not reality. A nomadic lifestyle prevents one from having consistent relationships with people or with a community. Also, traveling and staying in hotels is so expensive (If I didn't know better, I might assume you're a rich hipster). How does this trip contribute to you ideal of consuming less? Why don't you stay in monasteries? Why don't you try to do community service (work at a soup kitchen, etc.) in each town you visit? I mean you're preaching to people to buy/use less and live simply, but tell me, how is 2.50 a gallon simple? Also, for your next world adventure, I would suggest that you read up on colonialization and its legacy in southeast asia. I get the sense that you are not aware of the problems with world travel/ globalization and their enourmous repercussions for non-westerners.

Mike said...


I was just going to thank you for the realtionship you both have built with my wife and I in the last month. And to tell you to enjoy a couple of days to yourself, and to tease you about staying in these crappy Super 8's.

But now I just think you guys are being selfish.

Wurstleman said...

yeah, i'm wondering what's going on, too...breakfast at Dean and DeLuca's and then sushi--it's just so bourgious for a real rebel/artist/ musician like you.

You just sound like a regular tourist making the rounds in NYC. WWJD? Go to Broadway? I doubt it...

Maybe you'll find God and the meaning of life at the Super 8 in Jersey...good luck, dude.

Rosabelle said...

hi ryan and holly, it sounds like your days in nyc rocked! i'm glad you got to hang out with cat and zach - they're good people. last week, justin and i listened to your cd while cooking dinner. big hugs to both of you! Rose

Jesse Nason said...

what's wrong with being a tourist and taking a vacation sometimes...especially when you're in the greatest city in the world...i find it ironic when people on the INTERNET judge anyone else on buying into any other thing in the world: broadway, dean and deluca, super 8...i mean seriously, to use the internet you have to be cool with oil which makes the plastic, cool with government that supplies electricity, cool with tons of companies (the computer you're using, the internet provider, etc)...oh, and i've always loved how people say, WWJD, and then answer the question like they are Jesus...merry chri-han-za