Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Day 68-69: Atlanta, GA

What a great time with the Bronsink family in Atlanta. Sad to leave. Time spent in great conversation about his experiences living in urban Atlanta (the city that was primed to be the capitol of the Confederacy, mind you) and it's challenges and beauties.

Our time there pretty much consisted of conversation, coffee, conversation, some music, food, and conversation. And a little sleep thrown in for good measure.

The last night we were there, Melvin (a new friend) came over and did an interview with Troy and Holly and I about the album and about our pilgrimage. It was nice to articulate some of the things we have been processing. The hope is to get it edited and ready for radio. Perhaps if it gets cleaned up soon, I'll post it up here for all you pod-casting folks.

So, we headed down to Florida today where we'll be until Sunday. Then we'll head back across the US to sort of conclude this leg of our pilgrimage. Still have a few things to do... working on some paintings still, gotta get new tires and an oil change, lots of work stuff to finish up before the Holidays.

Hope you're well. What a strange time. Advent. This hopeful expectation that next year will be different. That someone will intervene on our behalf. That life will come from winter's death. Still, everyone seems to be running around like madmen and murderers. Perhaps the air is ionized?

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