Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Did I Mention I Love Brewing?

I do. I love it more and more each time.

Here's me making my wheat beer wort. Mmm. The aromas, the energy, the fun! If you're around in November, please do swing by our place and let me pour you a pint straight from the tap into a frosted mug. My treat. And my pleasure.

And here's my crown jewel of homebrew (at this point). My spiced belgian ale. Man, I can smell how this beer will taste. My brother-in-law said the scent was a bit like New Castle. My hope it will be a bit more spicey and a bit more "yeasty" in flavor (Damien, you hear that?). It will be ready (as I've said before) around New Years. Take that as an invitation to invite yourself over to our place in January for a sampling.


Dan said...

Looks yummy. Had dinner tonight at the Pagitt house with a bunch of other people from the Porch.

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

And to think that you, Dan, were one of the early forces in getting me interested in beer! I believe you encouraged me by saying that even Dallas Willard enjoys a Coors Light. Sick.

laci said...

mmmm...i heart wheat beer

perhaps i should move up my trip to san francisco!


brett said...

ok ryan- here is the deal-i-o
i will partake with you whenever, whereever, in a house, with a mouse, in box, with fox...whatever.
i hopefully will find out today when i am going to be down there next and fam will come with...we will plan on pale, ipa and stout won't be done by then, but why don't you come up here in december with mark?

i just noticed my word verification thingu is smPAXucb

JennO said...

Well... two things. the first is that it is funny how many posts were on beer (not that your beer isnt amazing) but no posts on the land bill. hmm. can you start a business? bottle it and send it to the o'farrells???
what was in the land bill??

Ryan said...

Man, that sounds like good stuff. I hope it turns out really well.

And hopefully Dallas Willard chooses a little better than Coors.

CubeConvict said...

You simply must try making the red ale from 7 Bridges Organic Co-Op in Santa Cruz. You can get the price of their kits knocked down quite a bit by not getting the box, using corn sugar for priming etc. I love their stuff. I just got a mill, so if you get to the point of trying your own mash, you can borrow that. I think I need to get a Baby Brew going so that I have something to drink when my Little One arrives!

Ryan Lee Sharp said...

Now, I have been doing partial mash on the last couple brews. Perhaps I'll have to go all-out? I'll have to check out the RED.