Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On Friends

We're some of the luckiest people in the world. Such wonderful friends all over the place. Like this past weekend, Glenn and Shatrine Krake (+ extended family) came over for a visit on our "last day". It reminded me of some other mutual friends who are in Europe presently. Months ago, I was with them these mutual friends and said, "Holly's sick. I think she might be pregnant." I was saying this only half-kidding...weeks later I would find out that I was fully-right.

Anyway, Glenn and Shatrine are old friends. Glenn and I played music together for years in the band called Timber. He and Holly and I went to college around the same time...and Shatrine was there just a year or two before us.

I also think of how we had dinner with some good friends Craig and Lora Saturday evening, just hours before Holly would go into labor.

And just to think of this week causes me to well up with emotion. You see, yesterday started the Emergent Gathering, a sort of family reunion of sorts for us. We've always said that this annual gathering has been the advent of our year...well, turns out our advent in 2006 included a baby. And while we cannot be there this year, we think of all the life-giving friendships we have formed through that "network".

Some of those friends are the Stavlunds. And they'll be coming here to SF the week following the Gathering. Wonderful.

And then to receive allthe kind emails, blog comments, and gifts...we are truly blessed.

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