Sunday, October 08, 2006

More Photos

So far, so good. He already looks like a different baby in these 9 hours or so.


brett said...

blessings to you all
as well as rest

Scott said...

Miraculous... Beautiful...
Congratulations, Holly & Ryan;
Welcome, Paxton!

Stacy said...

may it grow.

thanks for the photos. we're completely smitten. can't wait to meet our new friend.

not your mom said...

I guess it is time for another visit to S.F. for me ant the fam. this time...enjoy the new journey
Love you guys
Ryan Wissink

Emma said...

WOW! YAY! how cool is that!!! I am so proud of you guys for the home delivery. That's awesome. So exciting! And I love the "love" outfit choice. says it all. congrats!

Unknown said...

So wonderful!!!!!
We cannot wait to meet you Paxton!
Congrats Ryan and Holly, we are so glad to know that everything went well, and you were able to have your birth the way you wanted.
love you guys.

s.o said...

I'm meeting tons of people that wish you the best! (thanks for the contacts for the emergent gathering).
it's going great.

peace and all good - happy family,