Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Care About Those Poor People Too

Hats off to you Van Steenwyk. Great stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Ryan. In the words of the prophet:

And all that we need to see
And all those we need to hear
We tie their hands behind their backs and look away

Yes we tear the shirt right off their back
Then we donate cash for all they lack
Fancy ourselves philanthropists; save justice for another day

And we wonder how we got so far
Making money off each other’s scars
“Still it’s never my fault, I mean what other options did I have?”

Buying someone else’s tyrannic dreams
Of force and greed and foolish schemes
When there is Light to help illuminate the Way

Still we choose to tell each other lies
That this Kingdom can never be realized
The Master never could have meant the words he said
I’m getting tired

By the way...I'm still brewing up some interview questions. I've been pretty backlogged...sorry for leaving you hangin'.