Thursday, May 29, 2008


Packing in San Francisco. Moving to Oakland. Looking for houses in Portland.


Unknown said...

Oh wow, sounds busy!

I'm leaving for the UK June 25th. I'm doing a 3 month writing school in England! Hopefully will see you guys before I leave, I don't know.

I've been hearing a lot about Portland lately, would love to visit some time soon.

Happy packing!


Emma said...

you guys can never sit still either... haha.. :)

Anonymous said...

bro, if you make it out to portland, let me know, i'd love to welcome you to the area :)

Anonymous said...

um, yes. portland.

Anonymous said...


yes yes- i'm shooting for within/by the end of the yr.... the pac nw has my heart, i love it there. and i was recently thinking about all the ppl i know who are already in (or moving to or have connections in) portland- crazy... and now you guys too! hoping & praying that it all comes together. how amazing would that be.

what a magical city.