Thursday, May 01, 2008


So, we're back home. It's nice to be back in familiar surroundings and to be back in my own bed.

But I will say that this tour was one of our best ones yet. It was much more chill and relational than our last few have been. There's so much that goes into touring that it's hard to be "on" and "available" all the time. Something about this trip was different. Jared? Holly? Pax? Care to weigh in?

So, the updates on case I haven't spilled the beans yet...

We move out of San Francisco on/before June 1st. We're moving to Oakland to take over Craig and Lora's digs for a while (since they're relocating to Paris for 3 years or more). It'll be a lovely place to spend the summer. Our hope is to join them in Paris for October (just after picking, crushing, fermenting, pressing and oaking our first batch of wine).

Who knows where from there. We dream of Portland. But we can be swayed back and forth, depending on the conversation and time of year.

I continue to take my classes (or really, class) on winemaking. That still remains a slightly more distant dream. Perhaps we'll be able to get some property in the next couple a few years. Who knows?

Learning to live more open-handed is hard for me. As Rick said, I have constructed my life very well. But it is just that...constructed. What to do? Try to live more open-handed I guess.

The evening's wine is catching up with me, so I must be off to bed. Peace and rest for us all.

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Anonymous said...

The answer IS Portland. WE no longer say if, but when, so neither should you.